High-end luxury women’s clothing store Giada Shenzhen Futian store introduced DDW technology 55 inch 4X1 LCD video screen

Recently, high-end luxury women’s clothing store Giada introduced Shenzhen DDW technology 55 inch 4X1 LCD video screen, installed in the store, displaying relevant promotional information, new products, etc.;


This LCD video wall solution adopts industrial-grade commercial LCD panel, and the black matt anti-magnetic shell with strong anti-interference on the front side, equipped with the industry-leading backlight, the color reproduction is perfect, the image is realistic. The color is saturated and delicate, and looking at the past is a different kind of experience. And, this LCD video wall solution is equipped with 2 HDMI, and DVI, VGA, CVBS, DP loop and many other signal input and output interfaces.

Project specifications:

Stitching model: DDW-LW550HN16

Patchwork: 1.7mm

Specifications: 55 inch, 4×1

Contrast: 4000:1

Resolution: 1920×1080

Response time: less than 6ms

Installation method: wall-mounted, floor-standing, floor-standing cabinet, front push-type hydraulic pop-up, etc.

Interface: 2xHDMI, DP loop, DVI, VGA, CVBS, USB, switch, power port;

Accessories: English manual, hanger, RS232-RJ45 converter, English infrared controller, RJ45 cable, software USB sticker

Working temperature: 0 ° C ~ 50 ° C. Working humidity: 20%-80%;

Giada Shenzhen Futian Store is very satisfied with this splicing project.

As an old-fashioned LCD splicing screen manufacturer, Shenzhen Lehua Multimedia is committed to providing customers with the most professional and practical splicing solutions, which perfectly meets customer requirements;