DDW touch screen advertising player key features:

Touch screen advertising player key features:

  • Adopting original Samsung LG panel
  • FHD Panel: High-definition picture quality, interpretation of realistic visual feast.
  • K shape, S shape and Table shape optional; The shape can be customized;
  • Color: Black,cream-white,shining-silver. Color can be customized.
  • Panel dimension: available inch 43 inch 49 inch 55 inch 65 inch.
  • Support multi-touch. Support Android, Windows and standalone Version.
  • Using quality aluminum brushed, quality paint, round corner protect, powder-spray craft work.
  • Adopting high transparent tempered glass as protection layer to prevent lcd panel being broken or distorted.
  • Support IR Remote controller, user can use remote controller to operate the whole lcd ( key buttons is optional ).
  • Working hours: 7x24x365hrs. Bluetooth, wifi, 3g, 4g and camera optional.
  • Ideal for shopping mall, bus, restaurants, subway, supermarket, gas station, commercial building, airport, working place etc.

Touch screen digital signage application scenario


What are the advantages of the classroom interactive whiteboard ?

Into the classroom interactive whiteboard 

Interactive whiteboards With the development of information technology, more and more schools are gradually equipped to enter the multimedia teaching mode. What advantages does the use of the teaching machine have compared to traditional teaching?

3d touch promethean trace board digital vision touch interactive whiteboard

98 inch 3d touch promethean trace board digital vision touch interactive whiteboard

1 Stimulate students’ interest in learning

Interactive whiteboards may be the creation of scenarios, with its brilliant colors, attractive images, to attract the attention of students, to stimulate students to learn, can effectively guide students interested, orderly observe things, make some key lessons in difficulties can be easier to understand.

2 Enrich students’ imagination

Imagination can to a certain extent, to better develop students’ thinking ability and innovation. And rich imagination, and often vivid multimedia, visual image of the picture are inseparable. Teaching one machine can create a good learning conditions for teachers, for students to expand the imagination, to better develop students’ thinking ability and innovation.

3 Improve students’ ability to read aloud

Reading is a pleasure, but also a way of thinking training. The teaching machine can guide students to read the sense of language with pictures and dubbing. And it can be coupled with a wonderful music to inspire students to read aloud the entry into the situation to improve students’ reading ability.

4 Strengthen the connection between the classroom and the real world

Multimedia is a lot of schools in the application of a teaching method that can simulate a lot of real-world situation, will the outside world into the classroom something to perform with learning, so that students get closer to the real-world experience. The teaching-one integrated projector, whiteboard, screen, audio, computers, televisions, video conferencing terminals, and many other features meeting rooms office equipment, so the use of teaching one machine will help strengthen the link between the classroom and the real world.

DDW Case Show : 55 inch LCD video wall to help upgrade of shopping mall

LCD video wall Case Show

Case Show: 55 inch LCD video wall

Project specifications: 3 rows and 3 columns

Stitching seam: 3.5mm

Construction address: a shopping mall monitoring room in the Netherlands

Construction unit: Connection Systems

The mall monitoring center adopts modern monitoring and management facilities, aiming at the development trend of the times. It mainly builds a monitoring and display platform integrating pictures, voice, video and based on network information, and implements interactive information infrastructure of each system. In order to strengthen the office efficiency inside the mall. In this case, a high-definition surveillance display device with a 55 inch LCD video wall as the main body is used to construct an intuitive and visualized modern management work platform.

In this case, according to the specific environment of the mall and the needs of users, DDW is a set of two built-in high-definition camera supporting and LCD screen splicing equipment integrated large-screen monitoring system, adopting the installation method of wall-mounted bracket.

The functional experience of the LCD video wall monitoring system is presented in the solution:

  • 55 inch LCD video wall are using the latest high-definition LCD technology and splicing processing technology, restore full hd display effect, to ensure the user view screen render high-definition images, and under the high speed network support, each LCD display unit of smooth dynamic video images can show clearly and stable operation.Also integrated into the intelligent display function, can more screen image linkage, across the screen, and a superposition of multiple roaming, window, any size, such as high-end display characteristics, let mass behind the stable and reliable source of seamless input display platform, promote market monitoring information visualization management platform.The 55 inch LCD video wall monitoring system solution has completed a positive project for the mall, reflecting the overall intelligent LCD splicing screen monitoring and display supporting facilities, building a visual information platform, which plays an important role in the future use of the mall. effect.
  • In a word, SHENZHEN DDW TECHNOLOGY CO .,LTD is high-quality LCD video wall products, with rich functions, high-definition display, and multiple high-end control methods, highlight high performance, combined with reasonable price, and actively provide high-quality display solutions for various applications. Over the years, DDW has accumulated rich technical experience and solid business foundation from individual engineering cases, and constantly improved the service plan to reach the high-end quality level of the industry, and as the industry benchmark for LCD splicing screen, DDW Excellent for the user to achieve maximum application value!